Turlough Round Tower, Mayo

Turlough , Castlebar , Mayo

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About Turlough Round Tower, Mayo

Turlough Round Tower, Mayo is located at Turlough in Castlebar, Mayo.

Taken from website http://www.roundtowers.org/turlough/index.htm Location: Approx. 8 km northeast of Castlebar on the north side of the N5 (just barely visible above a hill from N5). It is not far from the well-marked National Museum of Folk Life (within view) just outside of Turlough Village. History: not much is known about the monastic site at Turlough. Given its proximity to the sacred mountain of Croagh Patrick, it is not inconceivable that it was originally of Patrician foundation. The church at Turlough was reportedly pillaged by MacWilliam in 1236 but it had probably ceased to be monastic long before then. The first reference to the Round Tower is in a drawing dated 1792 showing the cap in a ruinous state at that time. It was repaired in 1880 by the OPW. The cap lacks the traditional pointed capstone, giving it a rather rounded appearance and adding to the illusion of squatness.

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