Tristernagh Abbey

Kilbixy , Ballynacargy , Co. Westmeath

Tristernagh Abbey
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About Tristernagh Abbey

Tristernagh Abbey is located at Kilbixy in Ballynacargy, Co. Westmeath.

About 3 km north east of Ballynacargy lie the ruins of Tristernagh Abbey that was dedicated to the Mother of God.

The abbey sometimes called the Priory of Kilbixy, was founded in 1192 by Geoffrey de Constantine, an Anglo-Norman who acquired lands in the area after the Norman invasion. This Augustinian priory is thought to have been quite famous over the years of its existence until 1536 when the commissioner of Henry VIII plundered it and closed it down. Nearby are the remains of Kilbixy which was an important medieval town, but which had a Christian heritage going back a long time before. No remains of the original church are visible and its site is occupied by an old Protestant church erected by Lord Sunderlin in 1800.

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