Terence Bellew MacManus

(1811 - 1861) Revolutionary.

Terence Bellew MacManus
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About Terence Bellew MacManus

Terence Bellew MacManus in (1811 - 1861) Revolutionary..

Birthplace thought to be Co. Fermanagh, he became a successful shipping agent in Liverpool.

He returned to Ireland about 1843 and joined the Young Ireland movement. He was with Smith O'Brien and John Blake Dillon at the engagement in Ballingarry in July 1848 and was arrested in Cork on board a vessel bound for America.

Sentenced to death for high treason, this was commuted to transportation for life in Van Diemens Land, Tasmania in 1849.

He escaped in 1852 with Meagher and settled in San Francisco. He died there on 15th January 1861, spending his last few years in poverty.

His body was brought to Ireland and despite Cardinal Cullens opposition was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, on 10th November 1861 after a huge funeral organized by the Fenian movement.

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