Sir Alfred Chester Beatty

(1875 - 1968) Collector, oriental art and books.

Sir Alfred Chester Beatty
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About Sir Alfred Chester Beatty

Sir Alfred Chester Beatty in (1875 - 1968) Collector, oriental art and books..

He made his fortune mining in Cripple Creek, Colorado, and other mining concerns the world over.

He was often called the "King of Copper". A collector from an early age, he had, by the 1940s, built up a remarkable and impressive collection of Oriental art and books. He moved his collections to Dublin, Ireland, in 1950. The Chester Beatty Library, which houses the collection, was moved to Dublin Castle in 2000.

Knighted in 1954, Beatty was made an honorary citizen of Ireland in 1957, and on his death in 1968; he was accorded a state funeral - the only private citizen in Irish history to receive such an honour.

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