Richard (Dick) McKee

(1893 - 1920) Member of the IRA.

Richard (Dick) McKee
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About Richard (Dick) McKee

Richard (Dick) McKee in (1893 - 1920) Member of the IRA..

Richard "Dick" (Irish name Risteárd Mhic Aodha; 4 April 1893 - 21 November 1920) was a prominent member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

McKee was born at Phibsborough Road in Dublin on 4 April 1893. McKee joined the Volunteers in 1913, serving in G Company, Second Battalion of the Dublin Brigade.

He served in the 1916 Rising in Jacob's Factory, under the command of Thomas MacDonagh. McKee was later incarcerated by the Crown forces in Knutsford gaol and at the Frongoch internment camp in Wales.

Highly regarded by this time McKee was promoted within the IRA shortly after his release. He was a prime innovator in the formation of the flying columns along with Mulcahy and Collins. He ranked as Director of Training for this duration, though he was jailed again as a political prisoner in Dundalk Jail, in 1918.

McKee had many escapes and close shaves during the War of Independence, and in the final chapter of his revolutionary activism, he was on full-time active service, moving covertly through a network of safe houses.

In July 1919 Collins asked Mckee to select a small group of men to form the Squad. He was betrayed to the Crown forces by an ex-British Army soldier, James "Shankers" Ryan, and captured before Bloody Sunday by the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC).

Brought to Dublin Castle he was tortured under interrogation with co-conspirator Peadar Clancy. Along with an innocent man, Conor Clune from County Clare, the three would later be shot. The official account was that he and the other men with him were shot while "trying to escape".

McKee and Clancy's tricolour-adorned coffins lay side by side at St. Mary's Pro-Cathederal on Marlborough Street, Dublin.

Aged 27 and 32 years, respectively, they were laid to rest at the Republican Plot in Glasnevin Cemetery.

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