Republican Plot: Thomas Ashe

(1885 - 1917)

Republican Plot: Thomas Ashe
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About Republican Plot: Thomas Ashe

Republican Plot: Thomas Ashe in (1885 - 1917).

Born in Lispole, County Kerry, Ireland, a teacher and was a member of the Gaelic League, the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) and a founding member of the Irish Volunteers.

Commanding the Fingal battalion of the Irish Volunteers, Thomas Ashe took part in the Easter Rising of 1916. His force of 60-70 men engaged British forces around north County Dublin during the rising.

On 8 May 1917, Thomas Ashe and Eamon de Valera were court-martialled and both were sentenced to death. The sentences were commuted to penal servitude for life. Thomas Ashe was imprisoned in Lewes Gaol in England. In August 1917, he was again arrested and charged with sedition for a speech that he made in Ballinalee, County Longford. He was detained at the Curragh but was then transferred to Mountjoy Prison in Dublin. He was convicted and sentenced to two years hard labour.

Thomas Ashe and other prisoners, including Austin Stack, demanded prisoner of war status as this protest evolved Ashe went on hunger strike on 20 September 1917.

On 25 September 1917, he died at the Mater Hospital after being force-fed by prison authorities.

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