Rath Cairn Gaeltacht

Rath Cairn , Co. Meath

Rath Cairn Gaeltacht
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About Rath Cairn Gaeltacht

Rath Cairn Gaeltacht in Rath Cairn, Co. Meath.

Ráth Cairn is a Gaeltacht, Irish speaking area with a village, established in 1935 when 41 families from Connemara settled here when the Irish Land Commission allocated to each family, a house, a small farm holding (about 20 acres) and pigs. A further 11 families joined later on. In total, over 400 people moved from Connemara and in 1967 Ráth Cairn was officially recognised as a Gaeltacth area.

School children from all over Ireland are often sent here during the summer months to learn the language.

The image is of the local Catholic Church, Naomh Pádraig (Saint Patricks), built in the 1970s.

Image © Copyright Kieran Campbell and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons.

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