Piaras Béaslaí

(1881 - 1965)

Piaras Béaslaí
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About Piaras Béaslaí

Piaras Béaslaí in (1881 - 1965).

Piaras Béaslaí (15 February 1881 - 22 June 1965) was a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, a member of Dáil Éireann and also an Irish author, playwright, biographer and translator.

Born Pierce Beasley in Liverpool, England, in 1881, and educated at a Jesuit school in Merseyside, he came to Ireland at an early age, and along with Richard Mulcahy, Patrick Pearse joined the Gaelic League.

Béaslaí fought in the Easter Rising of 1916, and the Irish War of Independence. During the Irish War of Independence, he helped facilitate a mass escape of rebels from gaol in Manchester.

Later Béaslaí became director of publicity for IRA, and at the 1918 general election he was elected to the First Dáil Éireann as Sinn Féin TD for Kerry East.

At the 1921 general election he was returned to the 2nd Dáil as a Sinn Féin TD for Kerry-Limerick West. He was re-elected in the 1922 election as a pro-Treaty candidate.

He did not contest the 1923 election, and in his latter years he dedicated himself to literature. He died on the 21st of June 1965.

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