1st Floor, 8 The Mall , Beacon Court, Sandyford , Dublin 18

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About is located at 1st Floor, 8 The Mall, Beacon Court, Sandyford in Dublin 18. collects points of interest from around Ireland and internationally providing users with the ability to download this information to their sat-nav for travelling, view it on their smartphone or find it on our website.

In addition, our website also provides a valuable resource of location information for people looking for multitudes of things, from churches to equestrian centres, fast-food restaurants to dart stations.
60,000 people visit every month looking for help to get to where they're going.

If you want to contribute a location, be it a business, local historical site, a cosy pub, scenic viewing point or any interesting location anywhere in Ireland or the world, visit our site and just enter the info.

Tell us and we'll tell everyone else! Don't worry about getting the location exactly right, we'll find it and double check

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