Kilquane Graveyard

Kilquane , Co. Clare

Kilquane Graveyard
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About Kilquane Graveyard

Kilquane Graveyard in Kilquane, Co. Clare.

Graveyard, Cemetery

Marked on 3rd ed. OS. 6" map 1938 as 'Graveyard'. Still in use- CONA

Diocese of Limerick Heritage 'The graveyard at Kilquane is situated around the site of the church ruin. This graveyard contains a large number of tombs and vaults. There are large tombs to the Holmes and Fitzgerald families. The graveyard is kept in good condition and the oldest headstone that we came across was to the memory of Joane Mynaha who died in April 1708. According to the Ordnance Survey Letters Clare Vol. II of 1839 Philip Mac Adam is also buried in Kilquane graveyard. Mac Adam showed the army of King William where they could cross the River Shannon to attack the city of Limerick from the north in 1691. A chain was placed across the river to enable the soldiers to cross the river. The chain was tide to a rock on the north side, which became known as Carraig a tSlabhra, the Rock of the Chain. MacAdam died on 24 June 1729 at the age of 33 but during our visit to Kilquane cemetery we were unable to located Mac Adam's grave.'

See also : County Clare Folk-Tales and Myths, IV. (Concluded), by Thos. J. Westropp

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