John Devoy

(1842 - 1928) Fenian.

John Devoy
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About John Devoy

John Devoy in (1842 - 1928) Fenian..

Born Kill, Co Kildare, 3rd September 1842, son of a smallholder and labourer. The family moved to Dublin after the Famine, and the father obtained a job in Watkins brewery.

John attended evening classes for a short while in the Catholic University, worked as a clerk, and then joined the Fenians.

In 1861 he enlisted in the French Foreign Legion and spent a year in Algeria in order to learn soldiering.

On his return to Ireland he was placed in charge of Fenian organization in the British army in Ireland. He was arrested in February 1866 and sentenced to fifteen years penal servitude.

After five years imprisonment in Millbank, Portland and Chatham he was released in 1871 on condition that he live outside the United Kingdom.

He died at Atlantic City on 29th September 1928, unmarried and virtually penniless.

His remains were taken to Ireland and buried in Glasnevin Cemetery. His letters were edited by William O'Brien and Desmond Ryan and published in Dublin in 1948 under the title Devoy's Post Bag.

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