Inchcleraun Island

Lough Ree , Co. Longford

Inchcleraun Island
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About Inchcleraun Island

Inchcleraun Island in Lough Ree, Co. Longford.

Inchcleraun, named after the sister of Queen Maeve and remembered in Irish mythology as the place where the legendary Queen Maeve of Connaught was killed while bathing in its tranquil waters by her Ulster foes. During the early Christian era, St Diarmuid founded a monastery on Inchcleraun. Extensive ruins of six churches survive, the remains of greatest antiquity being those of the church named after the founding saint. The island was plundered extensively by the armies of Munster during the 11th and 12th centuries.

There are no organised ferries to the island but private boats can be hired during the summer months.

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