Edward Cardinal McCabe

(1816 - 1885) Archbishop of Dublin.

Edward Cardinal McCabe
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About Edward Cardinal McCabe

Edward Cardinal McCabe in (1816 - 1885) Archbishop of Dublin..

Born in Dublin and died at Kingstown, ordained priest in 1839. his ordination he served successively as curate in Clontarf and at the pro-cathedral, Marlborough St. in Dublin.

In 1856 became parish priest of St. Nicholas Without, in Dublin. In 1865 he was transferred to the parish of Kingstown, and became a member of the chapter and vicar-general.

Cardinal Cullen had always held him in the highest esteem, and when, in 1877, the burden of years compelled him to seek assistance he selected Dr. McCabe, who was in due course consecrated titular Bishop of Gadara. The following year Cardinal Cullen died, and in 1879 Dr. McCabe became Archbishop of Dublin.

Like his predecessor, Cardinal McCabe had a distrust of popular movements. In pastorals and public speeches he ranged himself against agitation and on the side of government and law, with the result that Nationalist newspapers and public men attacked him as a "Castle" bishop, who favoured coercion and was an enemy of the people. His life was threatened and for a time he was under the protection of the police.

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