Donagh Oratory

Main Street , Emyvale , Co. Monaghan

Donagh Oratory
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About Donagh Oratory

Donagh Oratory is located at Main Street in Emyvale, Co. Monaghan.

Donagh Oratory

Roman Catholic Church

An attached double-height rendered Roman Catholic oratory, built c.1850 as a former terraced house, converted as oratory c.1970, refurbished c.2000. Well-proportioned with its terrace neighbours, and prominently sited on the main commercial road, the oratory provides easier access for the local Catholic community that the rural churches of Donagh Parish. Its present internal layout is surprising when first encountered for its interesting transformation of a restricted amount of space. The modern stained-glass windows are particularly fine and the only element of artistic character in the structure.

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