Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof

Glencree , Co. Wicklow

Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof
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About Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof

Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof in Glencree, Co. Wicklow.

This is a German Military Cemetery containing 134 bodies.

A number of Luftwaffe (Air force) personnel were killed in action over Ireland, resulting from getting lost in foul weather, crashing as a result of damage, running out of fuel and navigational errors. There are also a number of naval personnel (Kriegmarine) whose bodies were found washed up around the Irish coast. Fifty three of the air and naval service men buried in Glencree have identities while twenty right are unknown.

At the back of the graveyard is an individual memorial to Dr. Hermann Gortz, a spy, who took his own life to avoid arrest.

Six soldiers from the First World War are also interred here. They died while prisoners in a British POW camp located in Ireland between 1915-18.

Set on a height above the cemetery is a fine Celtic type high cross. A poem set in polished stone close by the entrance articulates the poignancy of Glencree. These words are by Professor Stan O'Brien, a dedicated supporter of the Irish German Society. Through the wrought iron gates the pathway leads to the 'Hall of Honour', a place of reflection and prayer. A mosaic Pieta, designed by Berlz, the Munich born painter decorates the interior wall. Just beyond the Hall the gravestones are laid out in eight slightly curving arcs.

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