Curraghkippane Cemetery

Rosanna Road , Kerry Pike , Co. Cork

Curraghkippane Cemetery
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About Curraghkippane Cemetery

Curraghkippane Cemetery is located at Rosanna Road in Kerry Pike, Co. Cork.

There is a Jewish Cemetery in Curraghkippane established in 1885 to serve the growing immigrant community from Eastern Europe and there are over 300 graves. This old cemetery is also the resting place for some of the Jewish passengers from RMS Lusitania when it was struck by a torpedo on May 7, 1915 en route from New York to Liverpool, 8 miles off the Old Head of Kinsale.

The Fenian and founder of Clann-na-Gael in America, Jerome J. Collins, is also buried here. A trained engineer he first worked for Cork City Council and later moved to England where he worked on the design for an extention to Pentonville Prison. At the time the prison housed Fenian prisoners including O'Donovan Rossa, Charles Kickham and John O'Leary. He attempted a prison break for his comrades but his plan was discovered by the authorities and he fled to the US.

Collins was as avid meterologist and worked as a weather reporter for the New York Herald in the 1870s. In July 1879 he took part in an ill-fated expedition to the Artic. His ship sank in June 1881 after being stuck in ice for 2 years. He died in Northern Siberia in October 1881 and his body was brought back here from the Lena River in Siberia, via New York.

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