Crotty's Church

Castle Street , Birr , Co. Offaly

Crotty's Church
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About Crotty's Church

Crotty's Church is located at Castle Street in Birr, Co. Offaly.

Crotty's Church was built in 1839 following a schism that took place between 1826 and 1842, when Father Michael Crotty and his cousin, Father William Crotty, broke away from the Catholic Church to form their own church in the town when they defied their local parish priests and bishops and made allegations about irregularities in the management of the funds being raised to build the then new St. Brendan's Church.

The two fathers began preaching under a divergent doctrine and Michael was able to convince some parishioners who had followed him to construct this church. The schism was mostly exhausted by 1842 and William Crotty eventually joined the Presbyterian Church.

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