Copper Mines

Ross Island , Killarney , Co. Kerry

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About Copper Mines

Copper Mines is located at Ross Island in Killarney, Co. Kerry.

Mineral exploration began on Ross Island in the early 1700s up to the mid 1780s with mixed success.

The earliest record of mining on the Earls of Kenmare estate dates to 1707 when John Asgill raised four tons of lead ore on Ross Island. In 1726, Joseph Bacon of Castlelough acquired a 21 year lease to work this mine, but surrendered it in 1731. The next phase of mining dates to 1754 when Thomas Herbert obtained a lease from the Kenmare family and in 1758, the traveller Richard Pococke visited Ross Island and observed that '...there are very considerably copper mines, which have brought a great profit, but the vein is grown very small'. Lake flooding and careless mining seems to cause many difficulties. Minig did continu in some capacity up until 1785.

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