Church of Saint Patrick

Tavanagh , Co. Monaghan

Church of Saint Patrick
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About Church of Saint Patrick

Church of Saint Patrick in Tavanagh, Co. Monaghan.

Church of Saint Patrick

Roman Catholic Church with adjoining graveyard

A symmetrical freestanding gable-fronted double-height rendered Gothic Revival Roman Catholic church, built 1936 - 1938 to designs by the prominent architect Thomas Joseph Cullen (1879 - 1947) of 25 Suffolk Street, Dublin (1). Prominently built on an elevated site in a very rural and isolated area, it is near the border with County Tyrone. The church displays fine masonry and artistic craftsmanship.

Despite being a church erected in the 1930s, the plan has a rebuilt appearance of a chancel added onto an earlier T-plan chapel common to several nearby Catholic churches. One explanation is that the commissioning bishop of this church had worked to restore and rebuild a number of churches in this diocese that respected the original Pre-Emancipation plans.

Rating: Regional

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