Church of Saint Mary

Urbleshanny , Scotstown , Co. Monaghan

Church of Saint Mary
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About Church of Saint Mary

Church of Saint Mary is located at Urbleshanny in Scotstown, Co. Monaghan.

Church of Saint Mary

Roman Catholic Church with adjoining graveyard

A freestanding double-height stone vernacular barn-style Roman Catholic church with Gothic Revival detailing, built c.1785, rebuilt c.1820 that is externally well preserved. Set well back from road as indicative of its Penal Law era founding, the church displays fine masonry craftsmanship and a good exposed roof truss structure, and two curious early nineteenth-century towers. The two-stage north tower with early pinnacles and stepped cross finial that appear to have been designed for an earlier arrangement and the three-stage south tower with Georgian belfry stage of louvred Gibbs-blocked south aperture with Serliano apertures to tower cheeks. Of additional architectural interest are the myriad of attached extensions and additions, including a parochial house. Despite modernisations, the preserved internal layout with U-shaped galleries overlooking the altar on the long wall is an excellent example of Pre-Emancipation layouts.

Rating: Regional

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