Belvedere Dental

54 Belvedere Drive , Waterford , Co. Waterford

t: +353 51 375104

Belvedere Dental
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About Belvedere Dental

Belvedere Dental is located at 54 Belvedere Drive in Waterford, Co. Waterford.

Dentist, Dental Surgery, Dental Practice, Dentists Surgery, Dental Clinic

Belvedere Dental has the following practising dentists:
Dr Bairbre O'Donoghue
Dr Claudia Muegge

Belvedere Dental is a private dental practice that participates in the Department of Social Protection panel which means that if you qualify under the Treatment Benefit Scheme you are entitled to the full cost of an annual oral examination. Before making an appointment, confirm with Belvedere Dental the required qualifying conditions and that the dental practice is still participating in the scheme.

Belvedere Dental also participates in the Dental Services Scheme provided by the Health Services Executive (HSE). Medical card holders and other qualifying individuals may be eligible for some free dental treatment. Check with your local health office.

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