Battle Of The Boyne Interpretive Centre

Oldbridge , Drogheda , Co. Meath

t: +353 41 9809950

Battle Of The Boyne Interpretive Centre
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About Battle Of The Boyne Interpretive Centre

Battle Of The Boyne Interpretive Centre is located at Oldbridge in Drogheda, Co. Meath.

The Battle of the Boyne was fought on 12th July 1690 just outside Drogheda between two rival claimants of the English, Scottish and Irish thrones - the Catholic King James II and the Protestant King William III (William of Orange). William had deposed James of his throne two years previously in 1688 and the battle was the decisive encounter in a war primarily about James' attempt to regain the crown of England and Scotland for his daughter Mary.

The battle was won conclusively by William the result of which was continued occupation by the English in Ireland and supression of the Roman Catholic faith.

King James was supported by Irish Catholics who had hoped to regain sovereignty, religious toleration for Catholicism, land ownership and the autonomy of Ireland from England after Cromwell's conquest 50 years earlier in the Irish Confederate Wars when the Catholic upper classes had lost almost all their lands, the right to hold public office, practice their religion, and sit in the Irish Parliament.

The Battle was one of the most inportant in Irish and British history and is commemorated on the 12th July each year by Ulster Protestants and the Orange order.

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