Locations of Vodafone Masts

County Point of Interest Category
WX019-Glenogue ESB, A1:Mast Lattice
WX020-Caseys Concrete, A1:Silo
WX021-The Courtyard Ferns, A1:Building
WX023-Scurlockbush, A1:Mast Lattice
WX024-Oilgate - Meteor, A1:Pole Mono
WX025-Barntown, A1:pole
WX026-Gorey Exchange, A1:Building
WX028-Rathsillagh, A1:
WX029-Ballynabola RSU, A1:pole
WX030-Clonroche RSU, A1:Tower Type 6
WX031-Carricklawn ESB, A1:Pole Mono
WX032-Cahore, A1:Mast Lattice
WX033-Taylorstown, A1:Mast Lattice
WX034-Kilmore Quay, A1:Mast Lattice
WX035-Lady's Island, A1:Building
WX036-Bunclody C of I, A1:Building
WX037-White Mountain, A1:Mast Lattice
WX038-Hook Head, A1:Building
WX040-New Ross ESB, A1:Mast Lattice
WX041-Courtown Exchange, A1:pole
WX042-Kellys Resort Hotel, A1:Building
WX043-Coolroe Wood, A1:Mast Lattice
WX049-Fethard-On-Sea, A1:Building
WX050-Enniscorthy AEH, A1:Pole Mono
WX051-Whites Hotel, A1:Building
WX052-Rosslare Hbr Watertower, A1:Structure Water Tower
WX053-Campile Exchange, A1:Mast Lattice
WX054-Furniture Depot Drinagh, A1:
WX055-Talbot Hotel, A1:Building
WX056-Cronellard, A1:pole
WX057-Banogehill - Meteor, A1:Pole Mono
WX058-Ferrycarraig Hotel, A1:Sign
WX059-Ballygowny/Bealistown ESB, A1:
WX060-Mayglass Watertower, A1:Structure Water Tower
WX061-Taghmon, A1:Building
WX062-Steele & Co., A1:Building
WX066-Sroughmore Ballindaggin, A1:Pole Mono
WX068-Dungulph Saltmills, A1:
WX069-Duncannon GS, A1:Lattice Tower
WX072-Ballinrooaun , A1:
WX074-Quality Hotel Wexford, A1:
WX077-Killinick ESB, A1:
WX081-Kilmore Quay GS, A1:
WX082-Enniscorthy Depot ESB, A1:
WXAKH-Ask Hill, A1:Mast Lattice
WXBWP-Blackwater, A1:Mast Lattice
WXBYL-Ballylane, A1:Mast Lattice
WXDRV-Drumgold, A1:Mast Lattice
WXETY-Enniscorthy Exchange, A1:Mast Lattice
WXKMU-Kilmuckridge, A1:Mast Lattice
WXNRS-New Ross, A1:Building
WXSBY-Slieveboy, A1:pole
WXSME-Shelmaliere, A1:Mast Lattice
WXWXD-Wexford Exchange, A1:Mast Lattice
Kerry KY126-Manor West, A1:Building Rooftop
Meath MH117-Knightsbrook Hotel, A1:Building
Wicklow WW032-Glenview Hotel 53 68, A1:repeater