Locations of Vodafone Masts

County Point of Interest Category
TY043-Birdhill Kiolpa, A1:Temp Strumach
TY044-Gornaskehy, A1:
TY046-Killenaule, A1:
TY050-Cloughjordan TE, A1:Pole
TY051-Littleton Exch, A1:POLE
TY052-Borrisokane-COI, A1:Building Belltower
TY054-Templemore Garda College, A1:Mast Garda
TY060-Excel Centre, A1:
TY063-Woodroff, A1:Mast Lattice Sq
TY065-Killeatin, A1:
TY066-Lisheen Mines, A1:SweSite
TY067-Carrick Hotel, A1:Building
TY072-Kevanstown Nth Ballinderryl, A1:Mast Lattice
TY074-Middlequarter, A1:Mast Lattice Sq
TY075-Lisduff CIE, A1:Mast Lattice
TY076-Thurles CIE, A1:Mast Lattice
TY077-Rosegreen, A1:Building Rooftop
TY078-Templemore Arms Hotel, A1:Building
TY079-Toomyvara, A1:Pole Mono
TY086-Newport Old Barracks, A1:Building Rooftop
TY087-Gleesons Pub Cashel, A1:Building
TY088-Thurles GS, A1:
TY093-Tountinna SDH, A1:SDH
TY094-Nenagh ESB, A1:Mast Lattice Sq
TY095-Templederry, A1:
TY097-Powerstown House, clonmel, A1:Building Rooftop
TY099-Mahers Clonmel, A1:
TYB7K-Knocknahoragh, A1:Tower Type 6
TYB8T-Five Alley, A1:Tower Type 6
TYBHB-Birdhill, A1:Tower Type 6
TYCND-Carrigadon, A1:
TYECR-Cahir ESB, A1:Mast Lattice
TYGCL-Glengoole, A1:Mast Lattice
TYKDF-Kilduff, A1:
TYLSF-Lachtseefin, A1:Mast Lattice
TYNNH-Nenagh, A1:Tower Type 5
TYRSA-Roscrea, A1:Building Rooftop Structure
TYTHS-Thurles Eircom 1800, A1:Mast Lattice
TYTNA-Tountinna ESB19, A1:Mast Lattice
TYTPR-Tipptown, A1:Building Rooftop
WD005-Dungarvan ESB, A1:Mast Lattice
WD006-Kilmeadon, A1:Mast Lattice
WD012-Lismore Estate, A1:Mast Lattice
WD017-Tramore Grand Hotel, A1:Building Rooftop
WD018-Cappoquin RTE, A1:Mast Lattice
WD019-Kilsheelan, A1:Pole Mono
WD020-, A1:
WD021-WD_Foods Kilmeadon, A1:Building Rooftop
WD024-Youghal East, A1:Pole
WD025-Portlaw TE Exchange, A1:Mast Lattice
WD026-Dunmore East, A1:Building Rooftop
WD027-Waterford ESB HQ, A1:Building Rooftop
WD028-Waterford Bord Gais, A1:Mast Lattice
WD030-Ballymacabry, A1:Pole Wooden
WD031-Knockboy TE Xchange, A1:Building
WD032-Ardmore, A1:Pole Mono
wd040-, A1:
WD045-Ballingarry, A1:Mast Lattice Sq
WD048-Kilclonney 2, A1:Pole Tree
WD049-Waterford Airport, A1:Existing
WD050-Pickardstown, A1:Pole
WD051-Garranturton, A1:Pole Mono
WD054-Stradbally TE, A1:Building Rooftop
WD063-Centre Carpark, A1:Building
WD065-Ballyduff Eircom Exchange, A1:
WD067-Oskars, A1:Building
WD073-Marina Hotel, A1:Building
WD074-Waterford Dog Track, A1:Building Rooftop
WD075-Dooleys Hotel, A1:Building
WD076-The Uluru, A1:Building
WD079-StoreAll, A1:Building
WD080-Tycor Busness Centre, A1:Building
WD081-Cullencastle, A1:Building Rooftop
WD082-Topaz Garage, A1:Shell Sign
WD084-Tramore ESB, A1:Pole
WD085-Superquinn, A1:Building
WD086-Ballindud, A1:Steel Pole
WD089-Bunmahon, A1:Building Rooftop
WD106-Waterford City Rugby Club, A1:
WD116-Rocketts Pub, A1:Building
WDBVK-Barravakeen, A1:Mast Lattice
WDCDG-Carrondavanberg, A1:Mast Lattice
WDCHN-Crohaun, A1:Mast Lattice
WDCKT-Cheekpoint (CKTA), A1:Building
WDET7-CarrickOnSuir ESB, A1:Mast Lattice
WDGGD-Glenagad, A1:Mast Lattice
WDGLH-Gallows Hill 1800, A1:Mast Lattice
WDHRN-Harristown, A1:Tower Type 6
WDKMT-Kilmacthomas, A1:Mast Lattice
WDWTD-Waterford X OMNI, A1:Building Rooftop Structure
WH004-kilbeggan 1800, A1:Mast Lattice
WH005-Glassan, A1:pole
WH006-Moate (knockdonmy), A1:
WH007-Killeenbrack, A1:Mast Lattice
WH009-Castlepollard Sect., A1:Mast Lattice
WH010-Carrick House (Tree), A1:Pole Tree
WH011-Delvin sect., A1:Mast Lattice
WH012-Flancare Athlone, A1:Building
WH013-Athlone HPO 1800, A1:Mast Lattice
WH014-Tyrrellpass Exchange, A1:pole