Locations of Vodafone Masts

County Point of Interest Category
DNSKL-Shankill, A1:Mast Lattice
DNSL1-Sillogue Ballymun, A1:Pole Mono
DNT51-Leinster Street, A1:Building
DNTA1-Tara Street, A1:Building
DNTH1-Edward Street (Thomas R, A1:Building
DNTLH-Tallaght, A1:Mast Lattice
DNTPH-Temple House, A1:Building
DNTRE-Terenure, A1:Pole Mono
DNTS1-Millstreet, A1:Building
DNTST-Thomas Street, A1:Pole Mono
DNTWR-Phibsborough Tower, A1:Building
DNTY1-Mary Street, A1:Building
DNVIC-Vic Hotel, A1:Pole Mono
DNWA1-Walkinstown AEH, A1:Pole Mono
DNWAL-Walkinstown, A1:Building Rooftop
DNWR1-Ward Lower, A1:Pole Mono
DNWSE-Western, A1:Mast Lattice
DNZH1-Zhivagos, A1:Building
GY002-Clada Minerals, A1:
GY008-Cahervoley, A1:Mast Lattice
GY014-Lough Fee, A1:Mast Lattice
GY015-Leenane, A1:Pole Mono
GY019-Ardmore, A1:Mast Lattice
GY020-Briar Hill, A1:Mast Pylon
GY021-Cappagh, A1:Mast Lattice
GY022-Salthill ESB, A1:Existing
GY023-Creeraun, A1:Mast Lattice
GY024-Redmount, A1:Mast Lattice
GY026-Milltown, A1:Mast Lattice
GY028-Lettery, A1:Mast Lattice
GY029-Abbeyknockmoy ESB, A1:Mast Lattice
GY030-Screeb-Camus, A1:Pole Wooden
GY032-Truskey West Barna, A1:Pole Wooden
GY034-Claregalway, A1:Building
GY035-Kylenagappa O2, A1:
GY037-Galway Bay Hotel, A1:Building Rooftop
GY038-Connaught House, A1:Mast Lattice
GY040-Spiddle Exchange, A1:Pole
GY041-Oranmore Marine Institute, A1:Building Rooftop
GY044-Killeenan More Tuam, A1:Mast Lattice
GY045-Ballymageraghty, A1:Mast Lattice
GY046-Cloonvihony Wd Newbridg, A1:Mast Lattice
GY047-Westwood Hotel, A1:Building
GY048-Knocknacreeva, A1:Mast Lattice
GY049-Coolsraha Clarinbridge, A1:Mast Lattice
GY054-Ballyclery Kinvarra, A1:Mast Lattice
GY055-Gortalone North Attymo, A1:Mast Lattice
GY056-Aughrim Exchange, A1:Pole
GY066-Kildrum, A1:Mast Lattice
GY070-Kilreekill Exchange, A1:Pole
GY073-Quality Hotel Clarinbridge, A1:Building
GY074-Ballinasloe Exchange, A1:Building Rooftop Structure
GY075-Galway Ryan Hotel, A1:Building
GY076-Moycullen RSU, A1:pole
GY077-Rosscahill RSU, A1:Pole
GY078-Casla RTE, A1:Mast Lattice
GY079-Portumna Exch, A1:Pole
GY080-Connemara Coast, A1:Chimney
GY081-Renmore Barracks, A1:Mast Lattice
GY082-Rathgorgin, A1:
GY084-Headford RSU, A1:Pole
GY085-Clooneen (Kiopla), A1:Existing
GY086-Recess RSU, A1:pole
GY088-Corrandulla Exchange, A1:Pole
GY089-Dunmore RSU, A1:pole
GY090-Blacoe Shop Street, A1:Building Microcell
GY091-Aengus House, A1:Building Rooftop
GY092-Monagormley, A1:Mast Lattice
GY093-Ardilaun House, A1:Building
GY095-Cornamona RTE, A1:Mast Lattice
GY096-Galway Retail Park, A1:Mast Lattice
GY097-Pavillion Stores, A1:Building
GY099-Knockroe, A1:Mast Lattice
GY100-Eyrecourt, A1:Building
GY101-Cregboy, A1:Building
GY102-Ballybrit 1800, A1:Building
GY104-Killimor, A1:Mast Lattice
GY105-Lough Cutra, A1:Pole
GY113-TerrylandPark, A1:Existing
GY115-Ahascragh, A1:Pole
GY116-Flannery's Hotel, A1:Building Rooftop
GY117-Corrib Hotel, A1:Temp Strumach
GY120-Ballygunneen, A1:Mast Lattice
GY124-Western Bar, A1:Building
GY125-Clybaun Hotel, A1:Building Rooftop
GY126-Cregg RTE, A1:Mast Lattice
GY128-McGraths Circular Rd, A1:Building
GY129-ConnemaraCommunityRadio, A1:Mast Lattice
GY131-Spiddle ESB, A1:Mast Lattice
GY132-Pearse Stadium, A1:Building Rooftop
GY133-Carraig Palmer, A1:Building Rooftop
GY134-Cross St, A1:Building
GY135-Clonbur, A1:Pole
GY138-Victoria Hotel, A1:Building Rooftop
GY141-Corandulla O2, A1:Mast Lattice
GY142-Quality Hotel Oranmore, A1:Building Rooftop
GY144-Haydens Hotel, A1:Building Rooftop
GY145-Claregalway ESB, A1:Mast Lattice
GY146-TawnaghEast Gort, A1:Mast Pylon