Locations of Doctors in Dublin

County Point of Interest Category
Dublin Dr Enda Casey, A1:Unit 49 GP Surgery
Dr Enda Gallagher, A1:136 Morehampton Road
Dr Eric Dilworth, A1:17a Cherryfield Lawn
Dr Eugene O'Connell, A1:283 Ballyfermot Road
Dr Eugene Swaine , A1:Village Medical Centre
Dr Fergus Brady, A1:48 Harrington Street
Dr Fergus Mason, A1:Johnstown Medical Centre
Dr Fergus O'Kelly , A1:Rialto Medical Centre
Dr Fergus W Murray, A1:15 Upper Main Street
Dr Fiona Dennehy , A1:The Cremore Clinic
Dr Fiona Grant, A1:Stepaside Medical Centre
Dr Fiona McGill , A1:Fairview Medical Centre
Dr Fiona McGoldrick, A1:1 Woodlawn Terrace
Dr Fiona Moynihan, A1:Finglas Family Practice
Dr Fiona O'Brien , A1:Littlepace Medical Centre
Dr Fionnuala Minihan , A1:Balbriggan Medical Centre
Dr Frances McSorley, A1:17 Wheatfield Close
Dr Francis Kelly, A1:Frederick Street Medical Clinic
Dr Francis O'Driscoll , A1:188 Clontarf Road
Dr Frank Brennan, A1:38 Tonlegee Road
Dr Frank Brodrick , A1:Fairview Medical Centre
Dr Frank Clarke , A1:133 Walkinstown Road
Dr Frank Marmion , A1:Carysfort Clinic
Dr Frank McCarthy, A1:11 Castlefarm
Dr Frank McDonald, A1:100 Lower Kimmage Road
Dr Frank O'Leary , A1:Altona
Dr Frederic Shackleton , A1:115 Cromwellsfort Road
Dr Garret McGovern, A1:Grangehill
Dr Garreth Edward Rogan , A1:38 Tonlegee Road
Dr Garrett Hayes, A1:Lucan Court Medical Centre
Dr Garrett May, A1:1 The Dunes
Dr George Dennis , A1:The Medical Centre
Dr George Donald, A1:7 Kenilworth Road
Dr George Joyce, A1:104 Lower Rathmines Road
Dr George Morris, A1:108 Forest Fields Road
Dr George Roberts, A1:Beaumont Park Clinic
Dr Georgina Connellan , A1:Slievemore Clinic
Dr Geraldine O'Driscoll, A1:188 Clontarf Road
Dr Gerard Bury , A1:Coombe Healthcare Centre
Dr Gerard Coffey, A1:3 Woodford Grove
Dr Gerard Mansfield , A1:21 Summerhill Road
Dr Gerard Moran, A1:Long Mile Medical Centre
Dr Gerard Ormond, A1:111 Beaumont Avenue
Dr Gerard Roebuck , A1:Mountjoy Family Practice
Dr Gerry Molloy, A1:The Village Medical Cntr
Dr Gertrude Ronan, A1:123 Churchtown Road Lower
Dr Gordon Livingston, A1:Clannad Medical Centre
Dr Gouri Columb, A1:Bath Avenue Surgery
Dr Hakhamensh Nikookam, A1:Jervis Medical Centre
Dr Halem Shris, A1:The Medical Centre
Dr Hans Weber , A1:98 Monastery Road
Dr Hassan Albayyari, A1:62 Maple Drive
Dr Hazel Byrne, A1:Orwell Medical Centre
Dr Helen Cronin , A1:2 Mapas Road
Dr Helena Butterfield, A1:188 Malahide Road
Dr Hement Kumar, A1:Ballyowen Medical Centre
Dr Holly Porter , A1:Mountjoy Family Practice
Dr Hossein Tabesh, A1:Aungier Street Clinic
Dr Hugh Daly, A1:Ballyfermot Health Centre
Dr Hugh Daly , A1:Manor Road Surgery
Dr Hugh Durkin , A1:19 Redwood View
Dr Hugh Durkin , A1:64 The Park
Dr Hugh Nohilly , A1:3 Woodford Grove
Dr Hugh Nohilly, A1:36 Willow Court
Dr Hugh Tinsley, A1:Rose Lodge
Dr Ian Buckowski , A1:Fairview Park Medical Centre
Dr Ian Buckowski , A1:Raheny Family Practice
Dr Ian Linsay , A1:133 Walkinstown Road
Dr Ian McDonald, A1:Chapelizod Medical Centre
Dr Ian O'Grady, A1:115 Morehampton Road
Dr Ide Delargy , A1:37 Seapoint Avenue
Dr Imelda Sliney , A1:The Medical Centre
Dr Ismael Coovadia, A1:7 Alderwood Way
Dr Jacinta More O'Ferrall , A1:69 Lower Baggot Street
Dr Jack Keane , A1:Seaholm Surgery
Dr Jacqueline Chambers, A1:167 Glasnevin Avenue
Dr Jacqueline Furlong MacCarthy, A1:The Meridian Clinic
Dr James Clarke, A1:Slieve Thoul Cottage
Dr James Colm Moloney, A1:12 Kingston Avenue
Dr James Doody , A1:Balbriggan Medical Centre
Dr James Geraghty , A1:21 Summerhill Road
Dr James Holden, A1:324 Harolds Cross Road
Dr James Keating, A1:254 Harolds Cross Road
Dr James Keely, A1:Seabury Medical Centre
Dr James Kirby , A1:Coolock Health Centre
Dr James Kirrane , A1:Athgoe Surgery
Dr James Lee , A1:Ballyowen Medical Centre
Dr James MacCarthy , A1:Clondalkin Medical Centre
Dr James McDonnell, A1:The Surgery
Dr James O'Neill, A1:52 The Coombe
Dr James Rictor , A1:Kings Island Medical Centre
Dr Jane McDonagh , A1:Slievemore Clinic
Dr Jane Murphy , A1:Guinness Medical Department
Dr Janina Lyons, A1:30 Coolmine Woods
Dr Jean Gallagher , A1:Centric Health Ranelagh Medical and Dental
Dr Jennifer Kell, A1:Grange Clinic
Dr Jervaise Corbert, A1:1 Aranleigh Mount
Dr Jim McShane, A1:21 Summerhill Road
Dr Joan Macken , A1:Johnstown Medical Centre
Dr Joanne Dundon, A1:20 The Rise