Locations of IFSC

County Point of Interest Category
Dublin A & L Goodbody, A1:25-28 North Wall Quay
A.B.N. AMRO International, A1:ABN Amro House
A.C.E. European Market Insurance Ltd., A1:Guild House
A.I.U.O. Ltd., A1:AIG Centre
A.L.D. International Group, A1:AIG Centre
A.N.P. International Finance Ltd., A1:Ground Floor, International House
A.W.A.C. Europe Ltd., A1:AIG Centre
Aareal Bank A.G., A1:Dublin Exchange Facility
Abbey International Finance Ltd., A1:Guild House
Accent Europe Indurance Co. Ltd., A1:12/13 Exchange Place
Accenture, A1:Andersen House
Ace Group, A1:5 George's Dock
Acquisition Finance, A1:AIB International Centre
Acquisition Finance Germany, A1:AIB International Centre
Adams, A1:9 Exchange Place
Admiral Administration Ireland, A1:KBC House
AEGON, A1:I.F.S.C. House
AiA.I.G. Global, A1:1st Floor, AIG Centre
AIB, A1:AIG Centre
AIB Capital Markets, A1:Plaza, 5 Custom House Plaza
AIB Debt Asset Management, A1:AIB International Centre
AIB International Financial Services, A1:AIB International Centre
AIB Trade Finance, A1:Custom House Plaza
AIMIC Japan New Horizon Fund Plc., A1:AIG Centre
Airbus Finance Services, A1:6 George's Dock
Allianz Global, A1:La Touche House
Allianz Global Investers Ireland Ltd., A1:5 Harbourmaster Place
Allied Risk Management Ltd., A1:I.F.S.C. House
Allied World Assurance Europe Ltd., A1:AIG Centre
Alternative Investment, A1:AIB International Centre
American International Assurance Co. Ltd., A1:AIG Centre
Anderson & Co., A1:1 Exchange Place
Appleton Capital Mangement, A1:Dublin Exchange Facility
Aqua, A1:Ground Floor, AIB Trade Centre
Arkaga Fund Lanzar Ltd., A1:12/13 Exchange Place
Asia Pacific, A1:AIB International Centre
Aston Solicitors, A1:5 Harbourmaster Place
Atradius , A1:Plaza, 3 Custom House Plaza
Atradius Re, A1:La Touche House
B.B.V.A.Ireland Plc., A1:Citigroup Building
B.G.B. Finance (Ireland) Ltd., A1:Commerzbank House
B.N.P. Paribas, A1:5 George's Dock
B.N.P. Paribas Sercurities Services Dublin Ltd., A1:6 George's Dock
B.N.Y. Ireland Ltd., A1:AIG Centre
B.P.M. Fund Management (IRL) Ltd., A1:Citigroup Building
B.P.M. Ireland Plc., A1:Citigroup Building
B.P.V. Finance (International) Plc., A1:KBC House
Bagel Factory, A1:Unit 4, Gandon House
Bank Montreal Ireland Ltd., A1:2 Harbourmaster Place
Bank of Ireland, A1:Plaza 4, Custom House Plaza
Bank of Ireland, A1:3rd Floor, International House
Bank of Ireland, A1:La Touche House
Bank of Ireland Mortgages, A1:New Century House
Bank of Ireland Securities Services, A1:New Century House
Bankinter SA Dublin Branch, A1:AIB International Centre
Bar Italia, A1:Custom House Square
Barclays Insurance Ltd., A1:AIG Centre
Barep Asset Management, A1:I.F.S.C. House
Baxter , A1:Dublin Exchange Facility
BETDAQ, A1:I.F.S.C. House
Bipop Finance Ltd., A1:AIB International Centre
Biz Post, A1:Lagan House
Bizmart, A1:Mayor Street Lower
Bloxham Corporate Finance Ltd., A1:2/3 Exchange Place
Bloxham Maguire Economic Consultants, A1:2/3 Exchange Place
Bloxham Maguire Futures Ltd., A1:2/3 Exchange Place
Bloxham Nominees Ltd., A1:2/3 Exchange Place
Bloxham Stockbrokers, A1:2/3 Exchange Place
Braodway Pizza Parlor, A1:Beresford House
C.G.T.I., A1:Citigroup Building
C.I.T. Aeroplace, A1:3 George's Dock
C.M.S. Finance Services, A1:AIB International Centre
C.R.S., A1:Citigroup Building
Caceis, A1:Plaza 1, Custom House Plaza
Calliope Ltd., A1:AIG Centre
Canada Life International Re Ltd., A1:Guild House
Capmark Bank Europe Plc., A1:Commerzbank House
Card of Pinnacle Assurance, A1:5 George's Dock
Care Europe Ltd., A1:AIG Centre
Cariverona Ireland Plc. , A1:I.F.S.C. House
Castle 2003-2 Ireland Ltd., A1:AIG Centre
Caterpillar International Finance Plc., A1:Citigroup Building
Celtex Futures, A1:Dublin Exchange Facility
Cemex International Finance Company, A1:Citigroup Building
Centre ReInsurance International Company, A1:I.F.S.C. House
Cimpor Finance Ltd., A1:Citigroup Building
Citco Bank Nederland NV (Dublin Branch), A1:Plaza 6, Custom House Plaza
Citco Fund Services, A1:Plaza 6, Custom House Plaza
Citibank, A1:Citigroup Building
Citibank International Plc., A1:Citigroup Building
Citibank Ireland Finacial Services Plc., A1:Citigroup Building
Citibank N.A., A1:Citigroup Building
Citibank Nominees Ireland Ltd., A1:Citigroup Building
Citibank Pensions Trustees Ireland Ltd., A1:Citigroup Building
Citigroup, A1:Citigroup Building
Citigroup Capital Finance Ireland Ltd., A1:Citigroup Building
Citigroup Global Markets Ltd., A1:Citigroup Building
Citilife Financial Ltd., A1:Citigroup Building
Citisolutions Financial Ltd., A1:Citigroup Building
Citybank Employee Benefit Plan, A1:Citigroup Building